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A truly unique and beautiful animal... a breed apart.

The Black Watch Regiment has origins related to Highland Cattle.

"Highlands" ...

is the current term used to describe the long haired, long horned breed of cattle indigenous to the Scottish Highlands and Western Isles. For many years the black or dark cattle of the Western Highlands and Islands were referred to as 'Kyloe', while the various other colored cattle in the areas of Sutherland and Caithness were called 'Norlanders'.  It was often felt that the Kyloe were the hardier species, but today they are all grouped together as Highlands. Most of this fine breed located around the world today will have ancestoral ties to those hardy Kyloe. It is very common for Highland cattle breeders to use the term 'Fold of Cattle' rather than herd of cattle.. which is a carryover from the Scottish practice of Folding the cattle in the evening which entailed herding them into a walled enclosure to spend the night safe from predator wolves.

Highland cattle of this century can easily claim strong links to the Wild Ox which roamed the north of Scotland before 6000 BC. Links are also prevalent to the Domestic.. or Celtic Ox which had been in the Highlands since 3000 BC. King William of Orange initiated the formation of companies of clansmen into an armed watch to end the cattle raiding which had become prevalent in Scotland. Since they often worked at night they wore dark uniforms which became known as the Black Watch tartan. Being loyal to the Crown, they often found themselves being shipped overseas to fight as soldiers in wars quite different than protecting cattle from raiding Scotsmen.