The current farm consists of 58 acres located on the Prairie River in St. Joseph County, Michigan. The original farm was 40 acre Homestead registered in 1882. The land consists of rolling pastures and wooded wetlands adjacent to the winding river. A continuous effort to improve the existing pastures and create additional grazing land by clearing trees and brush, then seeding with various grasses and legumes has resulted in good rotational grazing for a fold of 30 Highlands and some 25 Cheviot ewes with the usual crop of approximately 40 lambs. Twenty five acres of the farm used for rotational grazing are irrigated using the K-Line system of pods and sprinklers to ensure quality pastures during the summer season.
Arial View of Dundonald Farm
The name is derived from the Scottish village of Dundonald, the home of Eddie Mackay, prior to emigrating to the U.S. in 1957.